About Us

Our Story
In the early 2000s, many people were set on getting their own homes. One of our founder had finally achieved one of his most important milestone of owning his own house.

He wanted to turn this house into a comfortable home with his personalized touch. Therefore, after getting multiple opinions and quotations, he finally engaged a preeminent contractor to build his dream home. Our dear friend was told to pay an upfront of 30% before the actual renovation began. However, things took a turn for the worse when the contractor failed to deliver his promise, stalled the progress and eventually lead to abandonment of the entire project.

This is not a singular issue but is constantly repeated by many homeowners. There were no viable solutions to this matter back in the days. was founded with a goal to connect home owners to reliable contractors, reducing their distress, yet maintaining a reasonable price through its platform. With just a single click, construction information is at the homeowner’s fingertips.
Our Vision
South East Asia’s No.1 eBidding Renovation Platform to bring a fair renovation price to the owner.
Our Mission has a mission to create a ‘Trusted & Transparent Online Platform for Matching Property Owners with Construction Professionals’. To realise ‘Trusted’, will be launching 5G protection via Project Management and Consultancy.

So what is 5G? Huawei? No No No.'s 5G:
1. Guaranteed no abandon projects
2. Guaranteed deliver in good quality
3. Guaranteed delivery on time
4. Guaranteed lifetime warranty *
5. Guaranteed up to 1 Million insurance coverage
* Terms And Condition Applied