Terms and Conditions as Professional Service User


IN ADDITION TO SECTION A – GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, a Service User may register to use our Services in professional capacity for the purpose of providing, quoting, performing and/or in any manner executing the Proposed Work provided always adherence to the following terms and conditions, irrespective in repetition or otherwise of the terms contained in Section A – General Terms and Conditions and by registering as Professional Service User, it shall be deemed:

1. That you have the necessary and required knowledge and/or expertise in relation to the Proposed Work including but not limited to the products, goods and/or services in relation thereto and if Your Content or any part thereof turns out to be incorrect or insufficient, you shall promptly correct and/or deliver such information as to ensure accurate and sufficient representations of the Proposed Work required and/or offered.

2. That you are lawfully registered and/or incorporated as an entity in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and have the requisite, sufficient, adequate and necessary licenses as required by any of relevant authorities, insurances, financial resources, manpower, skills and expertise, equipment, kits and safety apparel and/or any other materials and/or matters relevant and required for the purpose of delivery and performance of the Proposed Work which shall at all times be maintained by you at your own costs and expense as obligated upon you by any laws, by-laws, regulations, circulars and/or directives mutually applicable in accordance with the industry standards.

3. That you shall at all times comply with all laws, by-laws and/or regulations in force.

4. That you have agreed that the usage of the Services shall be charged with fees payable to us with the purchase of credit packages (the “Lead Packages”). Such Lead Packages may then be utilised by you to enter into any bidding and/or to provide quotation as requested by other Service Users vide the Services which shall be determined by us on case to case basis (the “Exercise”).

5. That you are understood, acknowledged and agreed that the usage of the Lead Packages according to the Exercise shall be as follows:
Quotation Lead Marketplace Bidding Lead Marketplace
  • ▪ Visit the Lead Marketplace to browse for suitable leads based on the Proposed Work such as project requirements, location, budget, and more.
  • ▪ Purchase a lead by spending credits to attain the requesting Service User’s contact details.
  • ▪ Once you’ve purchased a lead, you can contact the requesting Service User to discuss on the Proposed Work and provide quotation.
  • ▪ Visit the Bidding Lead Marketplace to browse for suitable leads based on the Proposed Work such as project requirements, location, budget, and more.
  • ▪ Purchase a lead by spending credits to attain bidding lead details.
  • ▪ Once you’ve purchased a lead, you need to submit a valid Bill & Quantity (BQ) document one (1) day before the actual live bidding date to be qualified to participate in live bidding.

6. That you acknowledged and agreed that the Exercise shall be on first come first serve basis whereby any appeals and/or complaints pertaining the same shall not be entertained by us. In addition, you are aware that we may provide promotional perks and/or benefits for the purpose of the Exercise without prior notice to you.

7. That upon the purchase of the Lead Packages, you understood and agreed that such purchase may not be refunded save and except as deem fit by us which shall be strictly determined on case to case basis. Any further queries shall be made to

8. That you are understood, acknowledged and agreed that the credit refunds on quotation leads shall be as follows:
(a) If you encounter any of the following, please click on the refund button on your lead page to request for a refund:
(i) Upon first contact with the lead owner, you are informed that they have already engaged another interior designer.
(ii) The lead owner has never responded to any of your calls, whatsapp or emails.
(b) Refunds will not be made for the following cases:
(i) Failure to agree on suitable meeting times between interior designer and lead owner.
(ii) Lead owner has engaged another professional after the first contact with the interior designer.
(iii) Lead owner has changed their mind in regards to the renovation.
(iv) Lead owner has decided not to hire the interior designer based on their own discretion.
(c) Refunds requests will only be considered within the following :
(i) Made within 21 days of unlocking the lead.
(ii) First contact with lead owner must be made within 3 days of unlocking.
(iii) Evidence of contact with the owner in terms of full conversation screenshot or emails.
Once you have submitted your refund request, Rekatone's service team will look into your case, verify your report, and inform you of the validity of the refund request within 7 working days.

9. That by signing up, registering or creating an account on the Website as a Professional Service User, you agree and undertake to comply with any requests for information which we may require for the purpose of verifying the legality, legitimacy, conduct and proper establishment of your (i) business, company or operations; and / or (ii) provision of your products, goods and/or services and/or any other related matters required for any Proposed Work.

10. That you shall not:
(a) Register or list on the Website for any products, goods and/or services which you do not offer;
(b) Misrepresent the location(s) at which they will provide products, goods and/or services and/or any other related matters required for any Proposed Work;
(c) Include third party brand names or other inappropriate keywords in their profile, title or any posting, messages or submission made in or through the Website;
(d) Include any information in their profile that is fraudulent or otherwise incorrect;
(e) Conduct fraud or misconduct on any promotions or partnerships which we may conduct;
(f) Use their profile, the Services and/or the Website for promoting:
(i) The Proposed Work which are not a recognised category on the Website;
(ii) Any website, service, product, party or anything not directly related to their Proposed Work or otherwise prohibited by the Website in our sole discretion from time to time; or `
(iii) Any products, goods and/or services that may be prohibited under any laws save and except as permitted by the laws of Malaysia;
(g) Offer or solicit any products, goods and/or services or do anything that contravenes these terms of this Agreement and/or any laws (including any amendments made thereto from time to time).

11. That you shall not in any event and/or manner whatsoever, issue, share, disseminate, use, disclose and/or in any manner utilise any material including but not limited to information, publication, document or article obtained by and/or furnished to you in relation to the Proposed Work to any third party or for your own benefit or for publication in any news or communication’s media save as required by law and/or as authorised by the owner of such material.

12. That you shall defend and indemnify us from and against all claims, costs, damages, charges and proceedings whatsoever for or on account of infringement and/or breach of any of the terms as contained herein, inclusive with the terms and conditions as contained under Section A in the capacity as Professional Service User including but not limited to, where applicable, intellectual property rights, designs, plans, calculations, time schedule, work, programme, drawings, documents, plant, equipment, machinery, material, methods or processes developed or used, works, construction manner and/or any other matters required and/or incorporated for the purpose of the Proposed Work.