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How eBidding Works

1. Submit
Submit a request via website or messenger
2. Review review the request and provides quotation and materials required for eBidding
3. Live Bidding
Proceed with live bidding and get the best price

The first ever bidding plaform for renovation in South East Asia has multiple certified professionals bid for your project. You set the requirement for your renovation, from materials to design.
And the bidder with the lowest price wins. Watch eBidding live and see the offers as they flood in.

Why use eBidding? is time-saving and cost-saving. You'll only
need a single measurements and requirements
gathering once before the bid. Then, let multiple
professionals bid on your projects and you're done.
Contact the winning bidder and get started on your renovations
Safe & Secure
Only certified interior designer and contractor on our network
Trusted & Transparent
View your eBidding session and watch the offers live as they come in
Best Price
The market decides the renovation price. The lowest price bidder wins your projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eBidding & why should I choose is a "ONE-STOP Solution" to get your house renovated at most competitive price. We will propose you the design, materials, estimation price, then invite the nationwide interior designers and contractors to offer their lowest renovation cost through transparent "LIVE" bidding. The entire process is time-saving, cost-saving, secured & transparent for all users.
  • What type of property can participate in eBidding?
    We accept all type of residential and commercial property, with a minimum of RM150K budget.
  • How does rekatone able to get lower offer for my renovation cost than others?
    We have a nationwide network of more than 300 interior designers and contractors throughout Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak), in which they will place their best offer through our transparent live bidding session. You can watch the eBidding live so you could experience the transparent process live.
  • May I know more about the eBidding process?
    Step 1: Submit a request for eBidding via website or messenger.
    Step 2: Our dedicated staff to review the request and provide necessary quotation and materials required for eBidding.
    Step 3: We will Invite nationwide interior designers and contractors to participate in live eBidding to offer you the best price.
  • Is there any fee to participate in eBidding?
    Yes. We are charging RM 2,500.00 eBidding fees for each participate in our eBidding platform for houses with size less than 7500 sqft.
  • Is there any pre-requisite to participate in eBidding?
    keyboard_arrow_rightMinimum RM150K of budget
    keyboard_arrow_rightFloor plan
  • What if I don’t have my floor plan?
    We can arrange for a site visit provided that your property location is under our coverage.
  • Can I see the eBidding progress?
    Yes, our bidding platform is trusted & transparent. You can login to our portal to view the live eBidding progress.
  • Is there any rejection penalty if I decline the bidding offer?
    No. We do not impose any penalty until further notice.
  • How does rekatone ensured the quality of the bidders who bid for my property’s renovation project?
    Only interior designers and contractors who has gone through our verification are eligible to participate in eBidding.
  • How does rekatone ensured the quality of the project delivery?
    keyboard_arrow_rightWe provide a fair digitized contract template to protect both homeowner and bidders.
    keyboard_arrow_rightWe provide Bill of Quantities which specified the range of the materials and price of the project to property owner.
    keyboard_arrow_rightYou have option to subscribe to our project management service.


A 3 Storey Bungalow in Kajang with 450K budget. Final price after eBidding is RM278K. We feel great able to make it for Mr.Chong a 38% of huge saving.
A 2 storey semi-detached house with extension and interior design with 350K budget. Final price after eBidding is RM304K. Congratulate to Ms. Maryam for a saving of 13% through eBidding.
A renovation for double storey house with budget around 125K. Final price after eBidding is RM108K. Congratulate to Ms. Pang for a saving of 13% through eBidding.
A renovation for 1500 sqft condo in OUG with budget around 125K. Final price after eBidding is RM91K. Congratulate to Ms. Lee for a saving of 27% through eBidding.

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