1,500 - 2,000 sqft
Contemporary, Modern, Retro, Scandinavian

Project Overview

Batu Kawan, Penang
Included Services
Bedroom, Dining Room, Dry Kitchen, Family Room, Kids Room, Living Room, Study Room, Wet Kitchen
16 weeks

Project Info

The theme of this project is Modern Classic and Scandinavian. For Modern Classic, we used wainscoting, different color lining and a variety of handles. As for Scandinavian, we planned to use lots of color especially like pink and rose gold, also using unique shape, line and colors like maroon red, jasmine green and obsidian glass. Next, is the practical part of this project. At the exterior part of the entrance, owners need a shoe cabinet to keep daily used shoes and sport shoes as Eco World is non-auto gated. In the other hand, the interior part of the entrance placed another shoe cabinet as they have too many shoes. This shoe cabinet is to keep expensive and better quality shoes. Owners wants this shoe cabinet to be a multipurpose shoe cabinet for keeping working and car equipment and tools, keys, umbrellas, decorations. Owners requested to install a fence at the entrance for their dog to stay in while they work from home. They also mentioned that they like the Eco World logo, so they have a custom-made logo to attached it on the gate. They wanted colors being used at the entrance of the house are mostly pink or beige to let people have a cheerful and happy feeling, butterfly related decors to let people have the feeling of freedom. Owners wanted all the furniture used including curtain and decorations are related to cheerful, love, entertainment, animals and travel as both of their personality are cheerful. The owners also mentioned that they like singing, as in karaoke. They also wanted their living room to be like a cinema room. They have many stereos so they need spaces to put the stereos under and at both side of the TV low cabinet. Also to avoid messy, will be needing a place to hide wirings. Due to the owners bought a 70-inch TV, the TV panel will need materials hard, durable and strong to support the weight of the TV. Moreover, to avoid lights disturbing the eye's attention and affecting the viewing effect, they wanted lightings hidden at places that is suitable to have a cinema atmosphere. There is a pipe beam just beside the TV panel and low cabinet, so we will need to hide the pipe beam as well. As owners sometimes will have parties and gatherings, they request a movable dining table link to the island bar counter. The owners had thought of the budget and wanted the island bar counter to use materials that have real stone, natural feel and visual effect. Owners also wanted the dining area seemed more spacious, so they wanted to have a mirror on the wall and with hidden lighting at ceiling to light up the area. Due to there is a pillar at the side of the island bar counter, at the end of the bar counter will hide the pillar to beautify the sight when entering the house. Glass door used at the other side of the island bar counter which is the dry kitchen will also use reflectable material that makes the place longer. Owners also wanted a refrigerator and oven installed here, convenient for taking kitchen utensils and dry food, also to separate dry and wet food categories. Lastly, to avoid Feng Shui and smelly problems, they requested to make a hidden door panel with frame to hide the bathroom. Moreover, owners frequently cook, so they requested a wide sight and have a utilize space at their wet kitchen. Plus, the owners wanted the hanging cabinet to made high to the ceiling for more storage, and uses grey mirror and magic glass cabinet door to have a more spacious and brighter. At this area, stove, sink, refrigerator installed at places which are convenient for owners to take ingredients, wash utensils, dishware and cooking. Lastly at the wet kitchen, because to Eco Horizon’s houses’ back doors are non-fenced, it will dangerous, not safe and also non-ventilated. So they requested to install a fenced door and remain the glass door for safety and ventilated reasons. Next is Bedroom 4 at the ground floor for parent bedroom, also it is more convenient for parents when they want to stay over.