4 efficient ways to enhance a dark room interior design in Malaysia |

we often hear that they have a dark room problem in areas with low lighting. For example, in the middle room or known as the center area of the house.

Naturally, if we stay in a type of landed houses, condominium, or apartment houses, we often hear that they have a dark room problem. Mainly occurs in areas with low lighting, for example, in the middle room or known as the center area of the house where there is less light from outside. Here are some tips for guidance in decorating your interior design to overcome the problem of dark rooms.



Use Bright Colors 

White served as the dominant color for the room. Using bright colors, exceptionally bright white, especially on the walls and ceiling, can immediately lighten up any place in the house. If you want to brighten a dark room, make sure it is the bright, brightest white you can find.



Curtain design 

The best alternative is to choose light and transparent materials, such as curtains or trendy blinds for your interior design, which allow the sun to pass through the room. Please avoid using the blackout curtain or dark blinds for your room as it will block 99% of the sunlight. You can also choose a light color such as white, cream, and yellow as your curtain color.



Declutter unnecessary things

 Slimline the Furniture! Placing too much furniture, especially in the darkroom interior design, will make the whole space feel crowded and way smaller than it is. But art and decorations also contribute to making the room look dark and fibrous. Another easy way to make a room look spacious is by getting rid of everything unnecessary or moving it to other areas of the house where color is not problematic.



Mirror design

 Mirrors are the perfect tool to brighten a dark room. When possible, place the mirror directly opposite the window to reflect as much natural light as possible. If this is not possible, do not worry. The use of strategic mirrors will always brighten the room - no matter where they are.

 Just because a problem exists everywhere to have a darkroom does not mean that it is hard to resolve. In reality, you can use several simple solutions to make your home more light-filled, without spending too much time and money to achieve this for your room's interior design.