7 must have for you as a first-time homeowner In Malaysia |

Small details that play an important part in your house beside interior design and furnishing.

The most exciting breakthrough in your adulthood is acquiring a home for yourself. It is at the stage that you are making the biggest purchase throughout your life. You are certainly need to bear in mind when investing in your interior design and all the necessary furnishing within your home. However, have you thought of the small details that play an important part in your house?

Stay with us and read on what have we gathered for you as a first-time household owner.




1.     Home security

It can be understandable that you’re thrilled to be a homeowner for the very first time in your life and may forget some important details to add in to your house. To keep your home and yourself safe, home security systems are the most significant aspect to get. With the advancement of technology today, home security systems had developed to become convenience and time-saving compared to the old-fashioned way – key and lock. With numerous of choices of home security systems, you’ll be able to find one at an affordable price.




2.     Emergency kit

As a household owner, you must prepare an emergency kit on hand while you may never know what natural disasters or illnesses that you’ve to overcome within your house. Hence, it is always the best to keep a fully stocked first aid kit inside your home and a well-prepared emergency plan to avoid last-minute panicking.




3.     Flashlight

Flashlight seems to be an unnecessary and less important item in our household. However, you still need it in advance when you’re responsible for all the structures throughout your house. In addition, electricity may power-off inconstantly and flashlight is pretty useful to bring light in the dark.




4.     Lightbulbs

You need to be well-prepare for more lightbulbs as a backup for your lighting fixtures at home. When time goes by, those lights will start burning out and you will need to change these lightbulbs yourself. If you’re well-prepared, you don’t have to worry when you are in need to change your burned-out lightbulbs immediately.




5.      Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

A small act of inconsideration can cause big trouble within your home. It is our responsibility to keep everyone safe and life is never a joke that we can risk with. The first thing that you can do is installing a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as these combo detectors can save your space, detect both threats and cost-saving. We suggest that you install this device in each room to keep yourself alarm when things happen. Moreover, it is better to put more than one detector in your kitchen area and for the reason that kitchen tends to cause fire and electric loss easily.




6.     Tool kit

It may need your patience to wait for professionals to fix things around your house and hence, you need to brace yourself with all the necessary tools in your hand. This preparation helps you to save your time, cost and improve your technical skills in fixing things within your home. With a tool kit in hand, you don’t have to run around your neighborhood and ask for a tool whenever something needs to be fixed.





7.     Fire extinguisher

To be safe, we suggest that you get yourself an active fire protection device, fire extinguisher in your new home. Many may think that it is a potential device for professionals' use only, you as a homeowner can get one as well so that you can get in first to control the situation before professionals arrive at your doorstep.


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