Condo and apartment interior design ideas 2020 |

Adorable condominium and apartment interior design and décor ideas in Malaysia

When it comes to an apartment or condo, it usually has very limited space for each room includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and our Living room. Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean that you can’t make your house looks inviting for the coming guest. With the right mix of interior design ideas, we can make our small condo or apartment interior design look grand and luxurious. First of all, we must keep in mind to plan for the needs as well as the extra comfort we are all used to. embrace these stunning interior design ideas that enhance your area. 


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1.Paint a room in one color

A very simple condo design idea, when it comes to home painting, is using one single color in your entire house, or different colors in different rooms. One of the most important things to make a room looks brighter is the lighting. The brighter the lighting you get, the better you get a wide effect. Combining white color and natural lighting is the best option you can get to make a wider room illusion. You can also add a wooden element to make it looks warmer, either for the floor or stools. This technique is capable of helping to save renovation costs.




2. Involve in nature

Among the big trends, this season will involve nature touched for your interior designs. Handmade ceramics are an all-natural next-step inside our search for unique pieces that may have a history. Search for handmade ceramic dinnerware, planters, and vases to make a huge comeback. Also, you can’t fail with the addition of a few beautiful houseplants with lovely inexperienced leaves to your living room, study room and even game room. We adore the patterned houseplant and you will be on style by placing those plants inside our next trendy item as a part of the home interior design.



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3. Apply designed wallpaper

Long considered a luxurious addition to the home, wallpaper began to fall out of favor in recent decades. But today, this versatile wall covering has made a big comeback. If you’ve been considering decorating with wallpaper in your home, there are plenty of creative ways you can add it to any room.


Whether you cover the entire walls with wallpaper or use it to create a visually appealing feature wall, this versatile material can bring bold drama and texture to the home. There are several types of wallpaper design including nature-inspired, textural, floral, tropical, and geometric motifs, and many integrate additional details like shimmering metallics for a rich, updated look. It enhances your bedroom design, or living room design.



interior wall


4. Interior wall design

A gallery wall, or any large wall that displays an art collection is more than a trend in home decor. You can choose a large scale of photography or something abstract and vibrant to make the room looks more artistic. For that reason, hanging arts in the room change the environment of the space. 





4. Interior curtain design

Curtains are like the perfect blazer that completes an outfit for your room. Curtains play important roles in cover or expose the space where you need privacy inside the house or workplace. Instead of using plain curtain’s design, you can choose a fabric with patterns and colors that are capable of enhancing your living room, master room and guest room.