Luxury interior design for Semi-detached home (Semi-D) in Malaysia |

Let’s take a look at these three types of luxurious interior design styles that create a different kind of luxurious lifestyle for a semi-D home in Malaysia today!

The term, luxury, is extremely difficult to define when every individual has a different perspective and idea of luxury in home interior design and renovation. Some describe “luxury” as a lifestyle and some describe “luxury” by building in an expensive appearance for their homes. In today’s interior design, it is possible to carry both ideas into one. In this column, we will be looking at a few luxurious interior designs for semi-detached homes in Malaysia. These semi-detached homes have successfully achieved in providing a luxury lifestyle by performing various styles in Malaysia. Let’s take a look at these three types of luxurious interior design styles that create a different kind of luxurious lifestyle for a semi-D home in Malaysia today! 


Modern luxury


A simple and clean is one of the definitions that Malaysian homeowners define “luxury” and modern interior design can deliver these requirements into our homes. It is the perfect design movement for Malaysian homeowners that intend to enjoy a modernist luxury lifestyle within their homes. If you wanted to enjoy more modernist luxury lifestyle, you can start by bringing in a lot of natural lights, perform more clean design for each space of your home and bring in minimalism design into the space to create simplicity.

Contemporary luxury


If you are uncertain what kind of luxury lifestyle that you wanted your home to be, an interior design style that you can pursue is taking contemporary interior design. Contemporary design has been one of the favourite design choices among Malaysian homeowners to bring luxury into space as the result of the design movement provide a huge range of styles that give homeowners a choice to find their definition of “luxury” through contemporary’s characteristic. This result that taking contemporary interior design to create luxury is an enjoyable process for Malaysian homeowners.

 If your idea of a luxury home is having a simple and cold atmosphere, you can go for wood and white love simple and cold aesthetic, you can go for wood and white with a hue of vintage. If you assume luxurious comes along with bright colour, go for a bold colour palette to implement expensive appearance alongside with fashionable furniture.

Classical luxury


Some Malaysian homeowners define “luxury” is by taking European interior design into their homes due to its details of architecture and interior design that have the potential to create expensive effects. Thus, you can take a classic interior design to bring out the glorious character of the age-old designs. However, with the creativity of modern days, classic interior design has incorporated with a modernist design to reduce its complexity and cost.

If you intend to bring European design into your Malaysian home, the classic interior design help to provide you with a European luxury lifestyle within your home without travelling to the European country.

It is amazing to see a range of interior design styles today can present different luxurious lifestyles within Semi-D home. These are some of the interior design styles that performed the luxury lifestyle in Malaysian semi-detached houses. Go to for more enquires on interior design and renovation for Semi-detached houses in Malaysia!