5 Decorating Tips to Boost Your Neutral Scheme Design

You like neutrals and yet you don’t know how to use them in your interior. While there are of course, hundreds of wonderful beige variations available, there is actually so much more to a neutral color scheme than just one color.

One of the most asked questions when it comes to designing is: What is the right colour and the right shades I need to use to create a uniform space? You like neutrals and yet you don’t know how to use them in your interior. While there are of course, hundreds of wonderful beige variations available, there is actually so much more to a neutral color scheme than just one color. 


Here, you’ll find some ideas on how you can boost your neutral palette design to create a lively room that flaunts your personality and character. So, be inspired and go creative.


Textured ceiling cement render


  1. Mix Textures and Patterns

Our take on giving life to neutrals is to simply use textures and patterns in a way that they create visuals interest. The options are to choose matte and shiny, smooth and rough finishes from the wide variety of wood, or concrete and brick finishes. To create a calm feeling but also give depth in the space, you can also try experimenting with mixing furniture, fabrics and paint finishes that is similar in the neutral tones but different in the texture.


Image 3

Dark neutral sofa against light neutral wall


  1. Pair Dark and Light Neutral Color

Another way is to connect lots of similar colors using darker shades in the same tone and enhance them up by adding some brighter colors. This layering can be used across paint, furniture and accessories to create a soothing scheme that is neither ‘a slap in your face’ nor boring.


You can use dark neutral colors for furnishings like sofas, chairs, and headboards. If you’d like to have an anchoring element in the room, the dark neutrals can be applied in the form of an accent wall, an area rug, or window treatments. Dark neutral colors look best with light neutrals with the same undertones or the same color temperatures. For example, warm with warm and cool with cool.


Once you have created a room like a neutral canvas, you can get creative by adding colors through accessories, accent furniture, artworks, soft furnishing, etc. Thing is, how do you practically add that pops of colour?


Painted wall


  1. Add Pops of Color

The beauty of a neutral color scheme as a backdrop is that you have the freedom to easily add brighter or heavily saturated colors. Not only that, you can also swap these colors out as often as you like, whether that's seasonally or when you're in the mood for a change.


Our eyes are usually drawn to the loudest colour in a room. Hence, you have to be careful when deciding the statement shade that will take all the attention and of course, a shade that you love. 


The colour you choose doesn’t need to be the brighter one of the colour wheel, even a soft pale shade will do the same effect. Bold colour can add instant attitude to a neutral room but to keep the theme muted and soothed, a softer option may be a better choice for your taste. A lot depends on the final feeling that you wish to give to the room.


Extra tips! Choose only two or three accent colors; things can get out of hand pretty quickly if you add too many bold colors to your neutral scheme. Choose colors from your favorite accessories and build from there. By sticking to a simple color palette, your home will feel more balanced.


Metallic finishing coffee table & light fitting

  1. Shiny metallic

Another option to boost a neutral palette is to use metallic finishes. Metallic accessories are now very trendy and they will introduce subtle sparkle to the interior. You could also think to add a metallic wallpaper with a slight sheen and create with this a feature wall that will shine the room.


Wall artwork

  1. Add artworks

Last but not the least, play around with some artworks! Be it crafted by yours truly, legendary artists or anything you’ve picked-up to your collection, artworks can literally transform a space. Often times, when set against a neutral backdrop, these creative pieces will jazz up your room and complete the overall look feel. can help you create beautiful, stylish and fashionably evergreen-designed spaces. We provide professional consultancy and costs saving solutions via our eBidding renovation service. Click here to get a free quote and more information about us.