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Turn you renovation experience into enjoyable process instead of frustrating

Renovation is an exciting and enjoyable process to begin with but it can also be a frustrating experience to handle. To help you out, we’ve put together simple steps for you to begin your renovation journey.



Your Style

Start to think and consider what style or layout design that you wanted for your space. Gather research in colors, interior design and renovation ideas that you admire. These details will help your designer to understand your needs.



Understand your renovation quotation

You have to know your quotes by understanding it and comparing it as it is a vital part of your decision-making process. It will be difficult for you if you are not clear about the work that will be undertaken before you proceed with your project.




Your timeline

Be careful with your journey in the renovation because it takes time on what you want for your area. It is better if you have time restrictions and discuss it properly with your renovation contractors.



How involve you like to be in

If you’re a person with inadequate experience in this process, you can ask for professionals to help you out. For example: Rekatone.com is one of the online platforms that can assist you with your renovation checklist. You can browse through their interior design checklist and articles to ignite your own creative interior design inspiration and house makeover knowledge