How to keep your kitchen's interior design from smells stinks |

The kitchen is where all the delicious home dishes have been made, but a variety of odours are also being created and stuck in it.

Do you have problems with the kitchen smelling when cooking? The kitchen is where all the delicious home dishes have been made; however, there will be a variety of odours created and stick in it. Moms who regularly cook in the kitchen often face this problem. Here we want to share some simple tips for ensuring your kitchen interior is always neat and fragrant.



Find the Source

Not only does the smell come from rotten food, but it may also come from the following hidden places in your kitchen.

• Mould and mushrooms in cabinets, between tile grooves, in towels and refrigerators.

• Accumulation of oil on stoves, lids, backsplashes, and counters.

• Food waste that is stuck or hardened to the side, base, or bottom of the bin.

• Cook food with strong odours such as durian, ‘belacan’, garlic, and dried salty seafood.

• Wet towels in your kitchen.

  Refrigerators that are not regularly adequately cleaned.



Improve Ventilation system for your kitchen

The ventilation system is sound, as it can help remove unwanted aroma from pervasive into your cabinets and rugs and other rooms at home. It is specially designed for your residential kitchens; it helps eliminate cooking odour and increases carbon monoxide levels and carbon dioxide while distributing oxygen from outside. It can also reduce moisture and humidity in the kitchen, the leading cause of mould and mildew.



The secret of fresh kitchen aroma

Baking soda's your secret weapon. Put 250ml of water into the bottle spray in a tablespoon of baking soda, mix well. Use this multi-purpose DIY cleaner to clean counters, cabinets, appliances, and backsplash. Sprinkle baking soda on the offending surface and add water until it becomes a paste you can rub. You can also put a bowl of baking soda inside your fridge and cabinets to absorb odours. After cleaning it, you can add a natural fragrance to the room by boiling orange peel, pandan leaves, and spices. Leave the pot, while the kitchen absorbs the fruit's fresh aroma. Alternatively, add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or rose in a spray bottle. These tips also can be applied to your bedroom, your living room or your dining room.


The geographical influence of the Malaysian climate, which is humid and ventilation, is not enough, especially the area of ​​terrace houses, apartments, and a condo that makes the house smell trapped for a long time. Without proper ventilation, cabinets and walls are exposed to foul odours. Therefore, you should make sure that the windows are always open, especially when cooking in the kitchen.


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