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This luxury contemporary house interior is created in collaboration with modern style, are packed with all the comforts. By carrying these neutral hues through to the furniture and accessories, it can achieve a calming and sophisticated luxury home interior.

Photo Credit: Not Ordinary Design Studio

This freehold luxury condominium design is situated in a suburban enclave and is a family-friendly development with eco-friendly features from which you can enjoy spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur. For this time, the interior designer would like to showcase one of the premium ideas, namely a modern contemporary interior design style for a 3500sqft home located in this suburban neighborhood. Let's look at the distinctive elements and areas that make this newest house's interior design so unique.

Luxury Interior DesignCreated for relaxing

The master bedroom areas in this luxury contemporary house interior are created in collaboration with modern style and are packed with all the comforts, especially for you. The suite's lighting and brown furniture are accented with patterned textiles, interesting decorative details, and sconces to articulate each side of the bed making this luxurious interior room more relaxing.


Luxury Interior DesignAiry for comfortable

The neutral living space interior for this home is created with a warm and sophisticated sanctuary. Beautiful range of neutrals to choose from. By carrying these hues through to the furniture and accessories, it can achieve a calming and sophisticated luxury home interior for you.


Luxury Interior DesignStyled all summer

Evokes a contemporary modern interior design through its functional, minimalist interior and engaging aesthetic at this modern home design. This new home interior was brave enough to go all-out bold and dramatic with black furniture. The unique pendant light chandelier evokes a sense of calm wonder as a stunning lighting centerpiece for your modern contemporary dining interior design.

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