Malaysia Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Sleep |

Some of the Feng Shui rules you can apply to your bedroom design.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese topographical practice. Feng Shui is supposed to create a peaceful environment and influence the performance of its occupants for each room in the building. Feng Shui can be applied not only at the center of the room, but to the overall home design. Here are some of the Feng Shui rules you can apply to your bedroom design.


Embrace Earth dimension

The ideal bedroom shape is square or rectangular, as it represents the Earth’s element. This dimension provides stability, which is perfect for a resting place. Rooms in other forms will have an imbalanced Qi flow that will disturb your sleep-in beauty. You can try to solve this by building a "space in a house." If you are sleeping in an L-shaped bedroom, you could use a partition to create a square or rectangular room for your Qi stabilization bed in two separate bedrooms.




Bed position

According to the rules of the feng shui bedroom, the position of the bed must be able to reach the door area. That is to place the bed diagonally by the door, but not a row. Avoid putting the bed right facing the door or under the window.

Because in feng shui, placing a bed in both positions could surprise a person when someone else comes into the room suddenly. Meanwhile, if you place your bed in an area that is some distance away from the door but still able to reach it, you can be more comfortable, and it perceives that you have control over your life.





Keep your bedroom clutter-free

Irregularities patters in your room could obstruct the flow of Chi. However, do not attempt to rectify this problem by hiding everything under the bed because this will only block energy and cause stagnation in your life. Try to get rid of certain unnecessary items in your bedroom, both related to work and things that would remind you of the past, for example, gifts.




Place the Mirror Carefully

The feng shui rule in the bedroom states that a mirror positioned towards the bed may invite the presence of a third person in a person’s marriage. Therefore, you should place a mirror in the bedroom carefully. Place the mirror face up to an item you like so that it radiates positive energy in your room.

Is your bedroom organized in accordance with the rules of feng shui? If it’s not, it’s not too late to make adjustments to your layout. Let's make the bedroom much more comfortable.