New Normal, New Interior Design for Montessori Preschool |

Implement the latest standard operating procedure (SOP) for Covid-19 prevention at Montessori Preschool.

Certainly, parents are pursuing Montessori education that meets their needs and implements new norms in infection control and prevention measures of the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, the safety and comfort of children is a priority nowadays. Remodelling premises is a smart choice in re-engaging parents to send their child back to your premises. This modification of the interior design must be given a new lease of life to ensure children's safety while at school. Let's see some modern luxury interior design illustrations of assumptions that have made improvements with us on by implementing the latest standard operating procedure (SOP) that has been developed.



Photo Credit to Grid Studio

Modern interior design

The Montessori modern interior design is the perfect fit with the new norms that we are currently facing. This interior design can provide the children with space; they need to focus on their studies and school activities. For variations, owners can also combine them with other suitable designs such as luxurious interior design, contemporary interior design, and minimalist interior design to beautify your children's learning space.



Finding the best colour for your Montessori preschool modern interior design

Your preschool's colour plays a considerable role in creating a balanced environment for both the students and the teachers. It is also vital to understand the mental and emotional effects of the colours used for space to suit the environment. For this modern interior design, we highlight the use of primary colours to add liveliness and positivity for your children to be more intent on their studies. 



Position of furniture and seating

To ensure that social distancing between the children can be implemented in Montessori preschool modern interior design,  the children's seating has been modified into small groups with a suitable placement. This placement's advantage is teachers can pay more attention and easily monitor the children in small groups. The material used for the furniture for this combination of minimalist interior design and modern interior design is made from PVC, which is more convenient for children. Other than that, the bright colour of the furniture can encourage concentration and relieve anxious feelings among children. For these modern interior bookshelves, we used low, wood type shelves to suit the children's height and for their safety.



A safe assembly area

The assembly area is an area where various indoor activities are often done because they have sufficient leisure activities. To ensure the practice of social distancing can be cultivated, we apply the concept of modern minimalism design by allocating child seats with an appropriate distance to reduce the risk of infection. Adequate lighting, wall and ceiling decorations can give joy to this modern interior themed area.


You can also include other safety features, such as using a humidifier set for your preschool, which can help you filter air circulation within your premises to ensure the children's health is guaranteed. This is absolutely the best opportunity for you, Montessori entrepreneurs, to renovate the commercial interior with a modern interior design capable of rebranding your business and aim to achieve efficiency, quality performance services at a high level in the future.