Questions to ask for your home interior design and layout |

It can be a difficult decision to make and time-consuming in the planning process as the result of the confusion between what we want and what we need for our homes before we go for an interior design and renovation.

Before we go for an interior design and renovation, it can be a difficult decision to make and time-consuming in the planning process as the result of the confusion between what we want and what we need for our homes. Hence, we should have a conversation with ourselves so that the risk of getting into trouble in interior design and renovation reduced.

If you’re not sure how to begin, we provided these 5 questions for you to think about your home layout and design for your space.



      1. What type of lifestyle do you want to engage in?

A lifestyle that you want to lead is ideally critical in choosing your interior design and renovation for your home. You can start to imagine a different kind of lifestyles when you return home from a tiring day or staying in for the whole day. From that imagination, choose one style of living that makes you feel comfortable and serene. If you wanted to have a luxurious lifestyle by getting a luxury interior design, make sure that your current home plan is capable to fit in with the chosen design movement. Get on with your research on finding the pros and cons based on your current home plan so that it is easier for you to picture it.



2.      Do you entertain often or rarely?

Open plan layout is the most trending space planning in Malaysian homes today as the purpose of the concept helps to make our homes look spacious. However, the cons of having an open plan layout for our home is the lack of privacy. Consequently, it would not be the best home layout for homes that entertain guests often. It is a good start for you to acknowledge your lifestyle and habits before interior designers and renovation contractors proposed a space planning design for your home.



    3.      Is it a long-term home?

In Malaysia, many young Malaysians would acquire property for investment purpose. If you’re planning on starting a family and bring your elderly parents to stay along in the future, which makes your home long term, look into the property home layout and make sure everyone gets their space when staying in.



    4.      Do certain functions of your home need special accessibility?

If your home stays in with a big number of people, the functionality is genuinely significant to be considered as some of the family members such as the elderly and children might need special accessibility around the house. Thus, do consider this factor when choosing a floor plan. On the other hand, renovating your home to get extra space when necessary.



    5.      What do you care the most for your home?

Remember to ask yourself what do you care the most for your home. Is it the home enhancement that plays an important role in your home? The functionality around the house requires extra attention? or the budget in interior design and renovation? If you want everything to work along for your home, proper research and planning are crucial to be well-managed.


We hope that these questions can assist you with your home layout before everything goes wrong. Do not fret to contact us to ask for more information about interior design and renovation from our local interior designers!