Sleek and simple with modern contemporary interior design |

Modern contemporary interior to emphasize safe colours and natural tones as the main colour.

Photo credit: Modern Creation Studio


Every individual surely has their decoration ideas and inspiration for their residence. The luxury interior design can provide a comforting and welcoming vibe every time they come home. The house owner chose the modern contemporary interior to emphasize safe colours and natural tones as their home's main colour. We are going to exclusively share with you some homeowners' decoration ideas of modern contemporary interior design.  


1.      Modern contemporary design type one

hanging mirror frames gives an illusion and impact of a wider living room area perfectly. Other than that, our experts also added a collection of a feature wall where flamboyant and huge mirror frames are used to make space look merrier for guests who visit the house. 



2.      Modern contemporary design type two

To make this living room more exclusive, modern, and contemporary interior design, our interior designers, use a wooden barrier to segregate the dining area and the modern living room. This luxurious and elegant look synchronizes well with the modern contemporary interior concept chosen by the owner.



3.      Modern contemporary design type three


A rectangular dining table with four modern contemporary dining chairs for the decoration of this limited dining space. To add beauty to the modern dining interior design, blue picture frames of sceneries are matched with the colour of the chairs and the glass feature wall, which gives an impression of a spacious area. Lastly, simple lighting fixtures can give a good ambience to the entire room and a luxurious look for the modern dining interior design. The homeowner had chosen the round and modern pendant light design, which provides a little bit of romantic and cosy effect for the whole space. The selection of warm-coloured lights can emit dim light. This will ensure the ambience of this luxury modern interior room is more comfortable and romantic.


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