Tropical Concept Compatible With All Homes |

If it comes to the tropical concept, people would imagine a lot of green. True, green is the main choice of this tropical concept. However, do not forget about the choice of wood finishes. It is also the highlight of the concept.

The combination of these two things is very important for triggering the concept of natural tropical impact in your living space. However, to choose this concept there is some basic knowledge you need to know. Let's check it out!

1) Incorporating elements wood building in the residential as hard landscape such as pergolas, gazebos, wooden decks, residential structures and so on.

2) Selection of palm trees, leafy shrubs, grass and lots of green highlighting elements.

3) The combination of materials between wood, natural stones and mirrors can further highlight the style of a home with a modern twist.

4) Although the investment in obtaining wood materials is so expensive compared to other materials such as concrete, it is a long-term investment that is so worth it. In addition to timeless, wooden elements also have a high value in the market.