4 essential tips to create a budget high-end and luxury kitchen interior design in Malaysia

Easy and budget-conscious tricks to achieve this high-end and luxury interior design for kitchen.

The interesting part when it comes to home interior design and renovation will be on the journey of interior design and remodelling installation for our homes. A good consideration in space planning and interior design play an important section in this excursion as each room in our homes provide different functionality based on our activities at home. Kitchen, it is an area where food is prepared and cooked which makes this space the busiest area among all spaces within our homes. It becoming the most demanding place that Malaysian homeowners need interior design and renovation in Malaysian homes. With the numerous choices of home interior design styles for Malaysian kitchen, creating a luxurious kitchen is one of the styles that caught many Malaysian homeowners’ attention until today.

Many people familiar with high-end and luxury interior design and they tend to assume that performing this style of interior design would cost them a fortune. However, there are simple, easy and budget-conscious tricks to achieve this high-end and luxury interior design for kitchen.



   1.      Swap materials to potential materials such as porcelain or quartz materials.

Many Malaysian homeowners treat their home as their new-born child, they treat it with love and care by beautifying the place with interior design. To create a certain style for your home, materials play a significant section in bringing in good design. Today, marble is the material that used to express luxury and magnificence which result that marble is the best choice for homeowners to create a luxurious interior design which includes the kitchen. However, the disadvantage of getting marble for your kitchen is that it is easy to exceed your budget.

Another way to create a lavish kitchen is by replacing marble with porcelain and quartz materials. These products are man-made that designed to look exactly close to marble which is the best solution to use to create an expensive appearance for your kitchen. Taking these materials help to save cost and it is much easier to maintain compared to marble.



   2.      Remember, details always the key to finishing touches. 

Getting help from interior designers and renovation contractors to build luxurious interior design into your kitchen is not enough. Thence, get a few pieces of kitchen decorations to give your kitchen a final touch to elevate the beauty of luxurious into your kitchen. Adding decorations into the kitchen is the perfect solution for Malaysian homeowners with a budget who attempts to install luxurious kitchen interior design.

One of the kitchen decorations that have a high capability to perform luxurious appearance is placing in lighting fixtures over your kitchen island. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants are the perfect accessory choices to create a high-end kitchen look as the components have a variety of design that can create unexpected personality.



   3.      Colours, the identity and representative of a design style

With a variety of colour shades that we had today, it is deniable that colours have become hard to define “luxury” as with the creativity from Malaysian interior designers have expanded the range of colours to create luxe design and each colour used presents with character. Every colour has its role to play and it is its responsibility to behave well to provide us with a kind of sensation that influences our well-being within our homes.

Instead of taking black, grey, silver and white to perform luxurious into your kitchen, use gold, cream and champagne colours is another great way to perform another kind of luxe sensation within your kitchen space. In case you wanted to boost up luxurious look for your kitchen, create texture with colours help in elevating the luxurious appearance in your kitchen space.



   4.      Add a backsplash to create layering impression

There are many approaches that Malaysian homeowners can use to create a high-end and luxury kitchen interior design with a budget and one of the approaches, other than using paints, that can perform an expensive look for kitchen is incorporating with backsplash. Adding backsplash into our kitchen not only helps in giving a luxurious appearance, but it is also functional to our kitchen such as cover-up hideous kitchen wall and prevent water from damaging the wall by inadvertent splashing when preparing food in the kitchen.

If you intend to perform a luxurious kitchen with backsplash and yet attempt to get a save-costing way to do so, a suggestion for you is that it is better not to install backsplash for the entire kitchen space. The best budget-conscious way to install backsplash into the kitchen space is that install it into the area that you often use the most in the kitchen. This helps to give your kitchen a high-end appearance, sensation and most of all, it balances your kitchen design. 


In case you intend to replace your current kitchen design with a high-end and luxury kitchen interior design, this guidance will solve your problem in performing an expensive kitchen with a budget. Contact to get help from local interior designers and renovation contractors in your kitchen interior design and installation right away!