7 things to consider before buying online furniture for your home interior design |

how do you really know whether the photograph of that couch you are coveting is a true reflection of the real deal?


Purchasing the right furniture can be a strenuous ordeal. Even if you know exactly what sort of style you are after, there are always the factors of best price, quality, material, and function to consider. Buying furniture online can be intimidating. After all, how do you really know whether the photograph of that couch you are coveting is a true reflection of the real deal? There is a lot of doubt in the minds of people while starting to do the interior design for their homes.




Your home is your biggest investment. Best before start investing in online furniture, think about the current needs of your household. Picking the right furniture and to ensure that it has to be practical for long term. Sure, that white leather sofa may look super sleek and modern, but it not easiest to maintain the colour. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Option for designs which offer the best home interior design.


Description of product

Read the entire product summary to avoid mistakes of your interior design. Always click on any links or tabs leading to further information and read the specifications product. These will give you a better idea of whether the furniture is appealing on its own or not.


Quality, material and colour

One of the most difficult things to decipher from a mere picture is quality. That bed may look great on paper, but the cheaper the build the quicker it will end up as landfill. Photography taken under studio lights can also make colours and fabrics look different on screen. Purchasing furniture online means you most likely won’t have the luxury of inspecting it in person. This is where your reading skills come into play (see above point on “Description”). Learning about the makers behind these products become more important than offline shopping.

Review the materials listed and zoom in on fabric to get a better view of the texture. Decipher the difference between leather, “pleather”, MDF and solid timber and get the free fabric samples to help you decide.



The three rules of choosing the right sized furniture online? Measure, measure, measure.

Picking the right furniture isn’t simply ensuring it complements the current styling of your interior design. Ask yourself: how will that new furniture fit in to the current living space for your home interior design. Size is like colour; it can be hard to get a true representation of scale from a computer image. Please find tools online that can help you choose by size easier.

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Assembly requirements

A lot of online furniture will not arrive at your door preassembled. Logistically it is much easier to transport furniture that has been “flat packed” to reduce costs. You will have to put it together, so know what you’re getting yourself into before committing to buy. Most online furniture brands will have easy-to-view assembly guides on their website.

If wielding a hammer and nails is not your forte, please hire a handyman. It will help prevent accidental damage to your new goods and save you a few grey hairs. The best deal is to get help from the interior designer.



When your favourite furniture is not in the cart, online reviews are the next best thing. If reviews for that particular piece of furniture don’t exist on the manufacturer’s website, cast a wider net with a Google search. If you are still drawing a blank, check out reviews for similar items by the same brand.

Reviews aren’t limited to the written form. Look at Instagram and Pinterest for images of the furniture in other people’s homes – you may be surprised to see how different it can appear surrounded by real life.


Shipping and returns

Never ever overlook the returns policy when purchasing furniture online. Shop with online retailers that give you time to reconsider your furniture choices. These conditions may be a bore to read through but will save you a lot of heartaches if that sofa turns out to not be quite as perfect as you imagined.

In addition, buying furniture online doesn’t have to feel like a gamble. Keep these tips in mind every time you shop for pieces to add to your home – and never feel swindled again.

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