What Is a Concept Drawing? |

Ever heard of Concept Drawing? This article will explain what it is and how does it can help both designer and client.

Concept drawing, which also called mood board,  is a guiding concept idea and a design intent for each space in the drawing. It implies a range of ideas by the interior designer before proceeding with 2D and 3D drawings. Concept drawing usually very clear cut and straightforward that make it easy to understand by everyone.


Concept Drawing can help a designer to interpret the design intention visually, in a shorter time compared to produce a whole new 3D model. At the same time, clients can get a better, clearer picture of the concept design from the designer so that you can give feedback to them before proceeding to the next design stage.


Nowadays, there are so many design concepts that have been widely applied and becoming trends especially Minimalist, Scandinavian, and Urban Modern.



Minimalist refers to simplicity in form and function. It also shows restraint and a careful pairing down and editing space to get a place to clarify. Design features always include clean and straight forward, simple detailing, open and more light space.



Scandinavian interior design uses a blend of textures, contrasts and soft hue to make the whole entire space feel warm and inviting. Design always plays with natural light to brighten up space. Often using loose furniture and artistic décor in the design.



Urban Modern refers to the reflection of modern art movement. Design featured on clean straight line without extra detailing. This style grew from the idea to build for function, to do without traditional décor motif and to embrace industrial materials like chrome, glass and concrete.