8 DIY Tricks For Fresh Smelling House |

Want to know some quick, guaranteed ways to make your home smell good? Keeping your home fragrant and fresh requires dedication (and money). However, sometimes you need a quick fix for semi-emergency situations to impress last minute guests. For instances, your mother-in-law decides to do a home inspection, or you want to impress that date who will pick you up in an hour. The good news is you can eliminate those pretty quickly, and it doesn't cost very much.

1.    Air it out!

Open the windows and let clean, fresh air come in. For best results, open windows in multiple rooms to promote cross-breeze/cross ventilation. If there’s no wind blowing outside, turn on your ceiling fans to circulate air and draw in fresh air from outside.


2.    Eliminate the stinky culprits.

You won’t be free from bad smells until you’ve found the cause. Sometimes, all you need to do is a little investigation in your home. Some of the infamous culprits:


    Gunky garbage disposal

    Unclean/damp upholstery

    Damp laundry

    Ancient leftovers in the fridge

    Very dusty places

    Litter box

    Decomposition of dead insects


If you notice a particularly rotten stench, you might want to look into corners and behind furniture for dead insects (large spider, crickets).


3.    Burn, spray, and smoke out the smell.

Candles, air sprays, incenses are excellent weapons to tackle the yucky smells. These products are among the strongest and fastest way to bring some fragrances into your home. However, keep that in mind if too many different fragrances would make your home smell like a potpourri shop. It is best to make sure all the scents are the same or at least, complementary.


4.    Cook something delicious-smell.

You might don’t want your guests invited with the smells of heavy, greasy cooks like garlic or bacon upon arrival. Consider some tempting fresh baked goods like cookies, cinnamon rolls or banana cake that will prevail the warm, sweet goodness all over your home.


5.    Carpet freshener is your friend.

If you don’t have any carpet refresher on hand, a quick sprinkle with perfumed powder works well too. The light, sweet scent is sufficient enough as preparation for welcoming a few guests. However, it is not recommended for darker carpets, especially if you are short on time.


6.    Make your own potpourri.

This is super-duper hassle-free. All you have to do is to boil a pan of water on the stove and add items that smell great like lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves and your selection of essential oil. The steam will carry the smell throughout the house. If you want to go for something stronger, try filling half of the bathtub with hot water and adding few drops of scented oil or fragranced shampoo.


7.    Let your washing machine do the magic.

Most people acknowledged the fact that one of the most wonderful smells in the world is freshly laundered clothes. Therefore, it could be your advantage. If you need the house to instantly smells good, go start a load of laundry.


8.    Make cotton ball perfume bombs.

The old trick always works. Soak a few cotton balls in your favourite scented oil or cologne and tuck them all around the house, out of sight:


    Between cushions

    In flower arrangements

    Behind furniture

    In the A/C panel

    Behind curtains


The trace of the scent will be encountered by anyone who roams around your home. Just don't forget where you hid them all.

Hope this helps!