5 ideas to turn your spare room into a functional room in your home during COVID-19 pandemic 2020

Transform your spare room into a space that you can perform entertainment and activities in your home.

2020 is the most anxious year due to the spread of COVID-19. Every business has operated online and people have to stay home to prevent the spread of the diseases. The period of lockdown has caused many people to start thinking of their entertainments and activities within their homes. If you have a spare room in your home, you’re in luck that this column will be provided you a few ideas to transform your spare room into a function-able room that works for everyone who is staying under the same roof and this may be the best idea for extroverts.

Here are five excellent room ideas for you to alter your spare room to a functional room :


1.     Home office

After the critical situation of COVID-19, many populations around the world are forced to work from home to prevent the spread of the diseases and hence lockdown happens. Certain countries such as Malaysia have slowly improved the condition and by that allow people to go out, however, locals are still preferred to work from home to avoid the risk. If you have a spare room, this allows you to transform your spare room into a home office. You can get going with the interior design and renovation of the home office by seeking for professional advice. This functional room is suitable for people who wanted to have a quiet space to work from home. Besides, in case you wanted to save costs from getting yourself an expensive team, we advise you to place in office furniture that makes you comfortable during work.




2.     Walk-in wardrobe

In the present-day, many property designs have designed a walk-in closet for each room. If you’re still staying in an old-fashioned property and in luck to have a spare room, you can change your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe to place all your attires. This advantage your bedroom as the result of you are getting more space to put your other belongings. To begin your journey to alter your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe in an easier way, all you need is to get yourself a lot of fashionable storages, wardrobes, and dressing table to place each of your attire types and arrange it depending on your choice of arrangement. Moreover, you can choose to find interior designers to help you to arrange and design unique build in wardrobes and storages that can present your personality and style.




3.     Gym room

The idea of having a luxury life is not just about having a big house, get yourself a luxe get-away or head to a fancy fine dining restaurant. The most lavish and ideal life is that you can get public entertainment inside your home. You may consider building a gym room with your spare room. It is the perfect idea for those who love to exercise and yet they are not into going out to register for a gym. Design a gym room doesn’t ideally require a lot of work, all you need in hand is investing gym equipment and add on with entertainment medium such as television to distract you from being tired.




4.     Home cinema

Even though the situation of COVID-19 has been improved, many public entertainments are still in need to perform SOP to keep everyone safe and this includes cinema. If you’re a person who loves to watch the movie and enjoy popcorn at the same time, you can use your spare room and transform it into a home cinema. If you’re into a build-in home cinema, all you need is to get a list of technology that could perform the same effects and mood as in the cinema interior. The technology that we propose you to get is a large television and a projector. Aside from that, you can include a mini snack counter and a comfortable couch within the space.




5.     Game room

We have listed several functional rooms that perfectly work for adults. We should begin our concern for a family who has small children as well as children who need space to organize their toys and to have fun indoor. Thus, why not transform your spare room into a game room for them to enjoy themselves? However, you have to be aware of the size of gaming materials as we are afraid that your spare room is not enough to place in. Moreover, we truly suggest that you get renovation contractors to help you to create a children-friendly interior design.


It is better that you don’t overlook the potential of your spare room and ended up in creating an indoor dumpster. Do consider to transform your spare room into a space that you can perform entertainment and activities in your home.

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