How Muji-inspired smart home interior design set up will take your breath away |

Understand Muji style, the mix of Japanese Zen, with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, having well-crafted furniture.

Muji established in Japan in 1980, a Japanese lifestyle company. Mujirushi Ryohin, or known as MUJI in Japanese, translates as "no-brand quality goods". It is an international Japanese retail company that sells a wide range of home and consumer goods that accentuates Japanese aesthetics in each of its designs. Let's explore something new and fresh with this Muji interior design concept.



Most of the designs are themed minimalist, natural and practical for household use. But some associate it with the concept of Scandinavian design, Industrial design and are often associated with the element of Zen in its design.



This design features a simple concept, minimalist and does not involve patterns such as abstract, floral or lines in the design. Plain is a priority in every area in the house to get a real Muji atmosphere.


The Muji design features wood furniture that is widely used and covered. Where you need to store everything that is rarely used in a closed closet so that it looks neat, organized and comfortable, for dramatic looks, you can add natural wood designs as finishing touch to your home's interior designs.


For the bedroom design, you can use various earth colour consists of solid wood colours such as brown, or, you can mix these colours with white or light grey. Don't over-design your bedroom! Keep the interior design and ornament of your room as minimal as possible.


This Muji design is trendy for the middle-class generation, looking for simple and smart interior design for their home. This design offers advantages for the occupants to maintaining and optimizing the fresh air circulation in it.