Modern Minimalist Korean Style Interior Design for Condominium in Malaysia |

Korean interior design is unique because it combines their traditional style with the natural elements of the residence but still looks luxurious at the same time`.

photo credit: cmyk interior design

Have you ever dreamt of a modest and minimalist interior design residence just like in the Korean movie? Stories in Korean movie often depict Koreans' real lives who apply artistic and straightforward features in their daily lives. Modern minimalist houses or apartments in Korean dramas often steals viewers' attention who enjoy a relaxed and comfortable interior design decor. Korean interior design is unique because it combines their traditional style with the natural elements of the residence but still looks luxurious at the same time. Do you want more inspiration and features? Take a look at Korean modern minimalist interior designs below.



1. Using Lots of Wood Materials

Modern Korean interior designs use more wood materials. Usually, the wood used is brightly coloured and has straight details. Bright colours will give a dazzling and airy effect to the room while creating a feeling of warmth and harmony with other colours and motifs in the apartment. Wood material became a favourite because of its ability to deliver natural vibes for the luxury home interior design.



2. Dominated by Natural Colours

Colours that tend to be monochromatic, bright, and neutral complement the wooden elements for the luxury bedroom interior design. Usually, white is the colour that dominates almost the entire house. Besides that, in addition to white, you can also add some other accent colours that are a little brighter, such as light grey, brown, cream, blue, and so on. This room's design is overshadowed by dark grey and black, which looks classy with friendly lighting.



3. Without Bed

It is almost a second nature for Koreans to sleep on the floor without a bed. They usually use only low boards and thin mattresses. Korean modern minimalist interior design also serves to minimize the use of enormous furniture that will consume a lot of space in the room. This method also makes the room ambience airier and more comfortable for the master bedroom luxurious interior design.



4. Korean Contemporary Sofa

Korean style condominium often uses flat and low furniture. All object placements are made as easy as possible. This Korean modern minimalist interior design is allowed more furniture to be placed directly on the floor. Their traditional cultural features are also applied to the decoration of their living room interior design; you can also add some seating on the floor. Using pillows as a base for the seating and choosing a low table with traditional cushions.



5. Mezzanine Floor

In Korea, it is common to find studio apartments or condominium. One of the smartest designs to utilize the space of a studio apartment is by making mezzanine floors. With mezzanine floors, they can make full use of the limited space in their home interior design. A mezzanine interior room can also provide more privacy to the owner's bedroom. This Korean apartment interior design room with a mezzanine is usually called an apartment house or two storeys (Bok Cheung).



6. Using natural lights

One of the main things emphasized by Korean interior designs is to create a harmonious area through natural lighting. Natural light is the most effective method of illuminating the interior directly without any additional lighting. Therefore, sliding doors or large windows can give this natural lighting more harmonious and make the room fresher and healthier.


Most of the Korean apartment design ideas use the minimalist interior design style with minimal decoration. Not only to save space, but the minimalist style also makes the area look gleaming and simpler. Were you interested in applying the modern Korean minimalist interior design to your apartment or for your current home interior design filled with neutral-toned, artfully yet casually arranged interiors? Hurry! Let's do it with us at