Malaysian Office interior design trend in 2020 that worth follows |

Designing office spaces requires a lot of consideration in space planning and decision making to help to create a comfortable office environment

Aside from home interior design, office interior design is as important as installing home interior design into the space of a structure. Every administrator of an organization needs to concern about the interior design of an office as a result of it is capable of affecting employees’ performance at work. Designing office spaces today is not an easy task, it requires a lot of consideration in space planning and decision making to help to create a comfortable office environment. There are many ways that we can do to create an appealing office interior design but an office interior design without giving a good sensation and improving the employees’ well-being would be considered unsuccessful office interior design. 2020 is not a great year due to the coronavirus pandemic but thanks to all Malaysians that put the effort in following the government SOP, it helps in decreasing the spread of the virus. This results that most offices in Malaysia can operate as usual. So, to those that own offices, let’s take the effort to freshen up your office interior design to welcome your employees back from being work from home right now!

Pay attention to employees' well-being


To start with office interior design and renovation, it will be great to pay attention to employees’ well-being before get going with the interior design installation. So, how to take interior design to improve the well-being of employees? First and foremost, each employee deserves a break after a long hour's work and we suggest that building in rooms that are functioned to help to ease employees’ minds such as relaxation room and game room. Providing this space helps to show your employees that you care about their well-being. Another great way that you can show your concern for your employees’ well-being is by investing in their desks and tables. You can choose multifunctional desks and tables for them so that they can adjust to the position that makes them comfortable to work.

Incorporate with bold colors


Colors always play the important role in giving an identity to space and this includes office interior design, too. In case you are intending to amplify your office interior design to look forward to 2021, bold colors are the best option to make your office space go “wow” and refreshing. With creativity in the manufacture of construction materials, we are fortunate to have a variety of choices to work with bold colors such as wallpapers, paints and colorful furniture. We suggest taking these advantages to add uniqueness and character to the space.

Informal workspaces


Co-working spaces become the latest crave in Malaysia as the result of the concept of giving Malaysians a new choice of place to work on. This result that it has attracted Malaysian offices to adapt this concept into their office interior design. If you intend to take the concept of co-working space into your office interior design, you can bring this idea into the office lounge. Office lounges in Malaysia have evolved into a place where people can gather together to collaborate and share ideas which need a comfortable, relaxing and energy moving environment. The concept of co-working space is the perfect idea for your office lounge interior design. Another way to create a save-costing co-working space is bringing in food and beverages vending machines, a few comfortable couches and coffee tables to create the look. 

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