Marble design: best way to perform luxury interior design for your home |

Today’s interior design has allowed marble to demonstrate its beauty from a variety of applications – furniture, fixtures and accessories to major interior treatments.

Marble design holds the power to create an immediate sense of luxury into our internal space. You can see that today’s interior design has allowed marble to demonstrate its beauty from a variety of applications – furniture, fixtures and accessories to major interior treatments. We have compiled a few luxury interior designs that incorporate marble in for you to refer to! Let’s begin our marble’s tour now!



1.     Make marble be parts of your walls or floors

If both walls and floors covered in marble, your home interior design might end up looking too stark and cold, which cause a boring interior design. So, the best solution is to incorporate other interior design styles to make your space look stunning, outstanding and luxurious with marble. 

Think about adding marble into your public space like the living room, as this room is commonly used to entertain guests and a perfect start for you to show off the beauty of your home interior design. You may execute the beauty of marble by incorporating modern design to create a combination of the comfortable and cooling atmosphere within the space.

In addition, marble wall is also applicable for private rooms like bedroom as the bedroom requires a cozy and cooling ambience to have a good sleep. Hence, with a heat resistance like marble, it is the material that will help you to get a comfortable and luxury bedroom.



Aside from walls, you can present marble by getting marble flooring for your interior spaces. Beautify your space with marble flooring not just help in creating a luxury home interior design, it makes your space look clean as well.



2.     Design fixtures and build-in with marble

The interesting part of getting marble is that the material performs a variety of choices in designs, patterns and colours. Each of its unique design can help in presenting one of a kind luxury interior design in our homes. Though it may seem too much to get marble for your home’s fixtures and built-in, but when paired with the correct pieces, it will make your interior look stunning and luxe.



When it comes to creating an elegant ambience with a luxurious look for the bathroom, marble is the best material for achieving both. Get your bathroom’s fixtures with marble is another interesting way to perform the beauty of marble.


And in today’s interior design and renovation, a marble countertop is the most trending interior design in Malaysia. The reason for this is that marble is durable, heat resistant, longevity and most of all, it helps the entire kitchen to look gorgeous and luxurious.


3.     Pair with marble accessories and decoration

Adding marble for your home interior design might cost you a fortune based on the marble quality and the amount of marble used for your home interior design. You can start small by getting marble accessories and decoration. These small marble items will help to boost up your home’s appearance.


Add one or two marble pieces such as wall art, lamp or vase to any of your rooms that in need of an upgraded touch for your home interior design. These pieces may look small but it still has its value to present luxury into our homes today!

All in all, marble is a kind of material that can perform a luxurious and elegant look for our homes. We hope that this column will help to inspire you for your current and new home design.

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