Top 5 Interior design idea in Malaysia 2020 |

We could never keep on track with trends as trends come and go, however, there are a few interior design styles that never go off the trend.

We could never keep on track with trends as trends come and go, however, there are a few interior design styles that never go off the trend. From here, we would like to present with the top 5 popular interior design trends that many Malaysia households have chosen for their apartment interior design, commercial interior design and condominium interior design. These top 5 will definitely amaze you.


1. Minimalism

minimalism design

Some people would prefer to keep it simple for their house or office interior design. Minimalism interior design would be a great choice to carry on with. Minimalism interior design style is surprising the best interior design style in and throughout Malaysia. The major key concept to finish this style is to nourish clean lines and simplicity. To create this design style, the color is often using natural colors to balance its warmth and coolness. This makes minimalism interesting as it brings serenity and comfortability to the environment of the space.


2. Modern

modern design

We never go wrong when it comes to modern interior design. It is one of the interior design styles that maintain its popularity until today. To begin to generate with this style, it is often featuring wood and earth elements to create the finishing look. If you’re wondering what is the color that often used in modern interior design style, it is mostly brown and olive greens as these colors hold earthier hues. If you like your interior design to have a natural look, modern interior design is the one for you to look up to.



3. Contemporary

contemporary design

People tend to be confused with contemporary interior design with modern interior design because both share some of the design characteristics. However, there’s a big difference between the two. If you into the color black, white and grey, the contemporary interior design would be a perfect choice for you as the design style gradually using these 3 colors to create the look. Furthermore, contemporary interior design often uses the mixture between metal, stone and opaque or clear glass to complete the look. Lastly, contemporary styles can best be described as elegant, and classic.


4. Classic

classic design

If you wanted to have a luxury interior design look. Classic interior design style would be the best option for you to look into. Classic interior design does not accept cheap finishing. It requires material to be natural and unique, and hence creating classic design is more expensive among all the interior design styles. The key features that gradually use in classic style include urns, laurel wreaths and marble to finish up with the look. As for the color palette for classic interior design, the colors that often used include olive, beige, cream, light green and gold color. These colors not just only used for wall and flooring surfaces, it is also been used in furniture, too. 


 5. Industrial

industrial designBefore we start any interior design project, we start to observe what kind of interior design style that make us feel good in that environment. Industrial interior design is one of the unique interior styles that you can invest in for your space. The design style is inspired by old factory buildings or old warehouses and consequently, the concept of the interior design is that “unfinished look” creates the beauty of the style. To continue to develop with the style, wood, metal and red bricks are the important elements to build up the design. The most colors that commonly used are clear bright and bold. For example, tone and shades of grey would really work well when mixed with white to create a clean look.