3,500 - 5,000 sqft
Contemporary, Industrial, Minimalistic, Modern, Scandinavian, Others

Project Overview

Mid Valley, WP Kuala Lumpur
12 weeks

Project Info

This workplace belongs to a leading global offshore marine group and the largest shipbuilder in Malaysia. It was designed based on the concept of “Industrial & Modernity”. A step out of the elevator, the logo of the company standout against the slanted plywood backdrop, leading up to the reception area. The reception area is a surprise art piece as we have included the elements that showcase the identity of the company blended with our creativity. The colourful corrugated metal sheets and furniture created vibrancy in this reception area. The blue metal sheet represents ocean. A vessel model with wave drawn at the side was placed on the metal sheet has illustrated the business of the company. The office originally comes with a bare ceiling, it fits very well to our industrial concept. At the reception and open office area, we remained the bare ceiling with a splash of grey colour paint and some creative lightings to add a modern touch to the whole look and feel. While for individual rooms such as the meeting room, the bare ceiling is covered. The uniqueness of this design is we used ropes to form a divider between the pantry and the open office. The divider has made the office looks modern and at the same time, spacious. The pantry is simple and cosy. The employees can spend freshen up their mind or take a short break at this area comfortably.