5 tips to aware in upgrading your bungalow home value in Malaysia |

Most Malaysian homeowners would prefer to stay in a landed home and we have compiled these bungalows interior design & exterior design in that help to increase your home value in the property market today

Cover Photo Credit: Seven Design

“Home”, is not just a shelter for an individual, and family. It is a “secret hideout” for us to be ourselves in our private space. To achieve an appealing and luxury interior design hideout inside your home, interior design and renovation are our “assistant” to help in enhancing our home environment. On the other hand, let’s not forget that our exterior interior design plays an important role due to it gives life to our homes, too. However, Malaysian homeowners today take property as an investment purpose. If you planned to sell your home or increase your resale value, give your home a fresh appearance to attract homebuyers. Most Malaysian homeowners would prefer to stay in a landed home and we have compiled these bungalows interior design & exterior design in that help to increase your home value in the property market today!


1.     Freshen up the home landscape

With today’s advancement of technology, home buyers are more likely to use the internet to look for new/secondhand homes. Hence, you have to showcase your house in the best condition possible which includes your home environment, cleanness and both exterior and interior design. You can start putting afford in the garden and front yard as it is homebuyers first impression when they visit your home in real life.



2.     Prioritize security

We know after homebuyers purchase a house without a security system, homebuyers can install it themselves. However, if you build in with an effective security system alongside durable gates and fences. This helps to give a good impression to home buyers that you are sincere to auction your house and also you care about their safety at home. Besides, install a security system also bring your home look luxurious.



3.     Repair home damage

It is avoidable when your house would have a slight of damage that needs to repair such as leaking, wall crack and more. Do approach for professional help to solve these problems. As for the exterior, you can rethink your roof shingles design or replace damaged roof shingles with a new one. Another best way is that you re-design your home with interior design and renovation to create a luxury bungalow interior design. These 3 ways are absolutely can help to increase your home value in the property market.  Do not wait until the last minute to repair the damage as it will cost you more when you left behind these damages for a long period.



4.     A new coat of paint

Many home buyers would prefer new houses due to it is easier to take care of especially when comes to budget in a renovation. Thus, a secondhand home is definitely in need of more affordable to upgrade your home value. You may begin with the easiest action which is getting your house a new coat of paint. It gives your home a new life, new appearance and new exterior atmosphere. Choose paint that can perform luxury exterior design as luxurious sensation are easy to attract home buyers.  


5.     Improve the air quality inside your home

Put yourself into home buyers' shoe and think of what would buyers concern the most before acquiring a house. The air quality inside your home is one of the important aspects that need to look after as bad air quality will affect health and well-being. Hence, if you are intended to auction your house with a good price value, hire a professional company to inspect your indoor air quality and improve it after getting the result. You can also give your home a luxury interior design because a luxury appearance helps in providing fresh air quality.


We hope these tips can help to upgrade your home value and do approach us, if you have a further question about your home enhancement in interior design and renovation today.