Eco-friendly café interior designs in Malaysia 2020 |

Making some changes to your cafés, such as restructure or renovating your café design by following the latest design trends to complete your customer needs

Having the lunch meeting or night date at the café is frequently happens especially in the urban country and becomes the trend it really up to date, especially to the youngster and corporate company to chill out or meeting appointments. Due to the strategic of place, the innovative design of the café and very respect, courtesy and friendly staff you have will make the reason for them to come over again. However, developing and maintaining a loyal customer base is by making some changes to your cafés, such as restructure or renovating your café design by following the latest design trends to complete your customer needs. Here are a few suggestions that will boost up your café.


Lighting and thermal comfort design

Lighting and thermal comfort

Make sure you have enough natural lighting for your cafe. Avoid using too many lights to make sure you get clean air from any volatile organic compounds. Alternatively, the use of a glazing or special window coating can prevent heat and provide insulation and thermal comfort. The type of heat reflective paints or lighter paint shades can reflect 80% of solar radiation on the cafe's external and interior walls. It also gives the customer a vibrant comfort to attend a casual meeting with your colleague.




Strategic location

In general, customers are interested in coming to the cafe for the first time is due to several factors, such as the proximity of the cafe location; The need for caffeine, food, and space hangout; Social media and distinctive design is eye-catching to come back. The strategic location such as tourist areas, office areas, residential areas, malls is some of the factors that will attract the potential customer to come.



cafe exterior interior design

Exterior & interior

Like other cafes in urban areas, the design of the cafes must be one of the customer attractions factors. The exterior design also plays a role in giving your store's exterior charm. This exterior design is intended to provide comfort to customers who want fresh air and sunshine. Also, the interior design where it reflects your overall café identity. The interior designs essential to ensuring the comfort of your customers. Your interior design should be attractive and innovative to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.




Use of Low- and non-VOC products

These include the purchase of products free or low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Use eco-friendly paint that lacks harmful substances such as formaldehyde or ammonia. Avoid the use of plastic products such as straw, plates, and glasses. Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of plastic straws is by doing away with plastic straws entirely. The cafes should change to a better environment like using a paper, bamboo, or compostable straw. Also, practice applying eco-packaging containers for take-away food.



indoor planting design

Indoor Planting that gives life

Clean air not only focuses on the outdoor environment but also covers the atmosphere inside your cafe. The quality of indoor air circulation is essential to keep the air clean in your cafe and remove toxins. Research has shown that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air due to toxic substances found in cleaning products for the cafe, such as soap, insecticides, paints, and so on. You can practice indoor tree planting to filter out the indoor air to help keep the air clean and give a magical touch to your café interior design.



eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly Furniture

The use of wood furniture is very much in keeping with the concept of eco-friendly. You can choose wood furniture of all kinds and colors. For more exclusive, you can custom make it according to the theme of your cafe's interior design. Besides, you can invest in some antique, rather than new furniture. They have a sentimental value to add to your interior design a certain grandeur.


Enhancing an environmentally friendly café reduces your impact on the environment and protects natural resources. Eco-friendly cafe interior design is all about creating 'green spaces' using sustainable materials and techniques that are less harmful to our health and surroundings. In creating an eco-friendly or green cafe, the choice of locations, materials, lighting, equipment, and air quality plays an essential role. This café interior design concept of eco-friendly is also suiting for Bar design, Restaurant design, Resort café design and many more.