Exterior design for private mansion extension in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia |

The exterior design is a complement to beautify the interior of the luxury house to look perfect.

Photo Credit : Dehouz Concept

Discussing the designs of private mansions, we generally describe the elegance of the exterior and the property's interior design. The exterior design is a complement to beautify the interior of the luxury house to look perfect. Therefore, we will share some inspirations and methods in decorating your exterior to make your lovely home  look even more luxurious design.

Exterior Design 001

The reddish-brown pergola makes it look luxurious exterior design for this home. There are so many things to consider when designing your ultimate decks, such as shape, yard space, and even the grain and color of the wood. When it comes to landscaping, you should let the imagination run wild. For instance, this mansion used flagstone to create a base walking area.

Exterior Design
It's a trend to have a socializing corner for you to appreciate the beauty of nature outdoors. This wooden gazebo transforms the iconic exterior design into a glamorous home design. This gazebo features a roof that allows air to circulate while shielding you from UV radiation. The potting plant looks best inside the massive gazebo pots and is specially crafted to provide plenty of shades.

Exterior Design

Like other housing, a car porch is a necessity to park the car to be more systematic. Also, this car porch exterior design will reduce the risk of vehicle theft. The parking area should be spacious and not decorated too much to prevent minor accidents.

Exterior Design

Here are some tropical garden plants that would look fantastic and complement your home's luxurious interior design. This tropical plant, by the way, is easy to grow. Sunlight and weekly watering are all it needs to be happy. Other benefits you can reap from this tropical landscape are boosting your surroundings' air quality, providing a relaxed outdoor experience, improving your mood, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Now is the perfect time to invest in exterior design for your luxury landscape design mansion. This mansion exterior design will be able to enliven your spirits and will help you to filter the air along with providing mind therapy by enjoying the year-round beautiful outdoor scenery at the exterior of your mansion home design.