4 Kitchen Design concepts For Luxurious home interior design in Malaysia |

4 versatile designs for kitchens that fit all requirements and accommodations in your bungalow, semi-D, terrace and much more.

Are you looking for modern interior designs in Malaysia that fit your kitchen design, or do you want to renovate the kitchen in your existing home? Here are some kitchen design ideas for your home. The kitchen area is one of the favourite areas that each of your family members visits the most. The kitchen interior design should therefore, be suitable and user-friendly for everyone. There are 4 versatile designs for kitchens that fit all requirements and accommodations in your bungalow, semi-D, terrace and much more.



1. U-shaped kitchen design

This layout is ideal for those who have a large family or more than one cook to facilitate fast movement. The U-shaped kitchen can serve as a divider between the two spaces in the house and is ideal for the kitchen's limited space. The kitchen also offers ample counter space to facilitate food preparation and cooking. Alternatively, you can add high bar stool at the counter bar that used for relaxing or snacks in the kitchen. This type of kitchen design is perfect for bungalow interior design that has more space for their kitchen.



2. L-shaped kitchen design

This layout is ideal for a modern luxury interior design as it does not use much floor space. The L-shaped kitchen only needs two walls. The concept of ‘open space’ makes the space look modern and spacious for styled residence. It provides space that is easy to operate and more efficient.



3. Kitchen island design

This kitchen island design is ideal for a spacious kitchen as it allows you to divide it into several smaller and efficient workspaces. This kitchen island is used for food preparation, cooking or social space. The available counter space can also be used as a place to have breakfast. This design is recommended for Semi-D Interior design, Bungalow Interior Design, and also Terrace interior Design.



4. One-wall kitchen design

Usually, this kitchen concept is suitable for small residences and does not require much storage space or can be used for your mini kitchen at your rooftop for your Semi D interior design or even bungalow interior design type of home. The one-walled kitchen is very accessible and easy to clean. It is usually installed in "open space" type apartments and studios that rarely receive many guests. This kitchen type makes kitchen work more efficient, and the cost of kitchen renovation is also minimum.


The kitchen space should have features such as having food preparation space, ample space to move and also space to relax. From the smallest space to the largest space, you will find the right layout for the kitchen design for your home.