Modern Rustic Interior Design For Semi-Detached House Malaysia |

A luxurious interior design with the combination of modern rustic interior design to create a peaceful minimalist ambience in the urban area.

Photo Credit to: Magplas Renovation


Setia Alam has grown into a beautiful city located in the district of Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. It is an elite and planned residential town that is currently in high demand. This quiet, rustic oasis of home in the heart of the city makes it perfect for enjoying the sights of the city, which is only a few steps away from this residential area. With an area of ​​1500 square feet, these semi-detached houses that receive the touch of the best inspiration of our expert interior designers can realize people’s dreams in having a luxurious interior design with the combination of modern rustic interior design to create a peaceful minimalist ambience in the urban area.



Living Room Modern Interior Design

This living room modern interior design portrays the rustic style which is by using woods for the ceiling and made the setting dim and peaceful, perfect for relaxing family activities. The emerald transitional L-shaped sofa is suitable to be styled with an elegant mustard bench, which is also an inspiration of modern interior design from our experts’ ID.  



Dining Luxurious Interior Design

At the end of the living room luxury interior, we use a wood-based partition rack as the divider to separate the lounge area and dining area. For this space, we also use modern chandeliers that match the height of the ceiling that will bring up a calm atmosphere at this dining luxurious interior design. This square dining table set is also equipped with four chairs and one bench chair to give a little variation to this modern interior design.



Luxurious Rustic Interior Kitchen

Next, the kitchen area is equipped with chrome utensils and still maintaining the luxurious rustic interior theme. Natural lighting is coupled with the unique kitchen lighting decoration located on the kitchen island that can give a dramatic effect on the entire kitchen space. Other than that, the use of dark brown monochromatic colour for the wall can further enhance the beauty of the rustic modern interior design for this kitchen with a little decoration of pictures in a small corner.



Rustic Modern Interior Design Bathroom

Do not forget this rustic modern interior design bathroom! For this modern interior design concept, we complete the bathroom with copper accessories for the shower and the sink pipe. The use of glass partitions to separate wet and dry areas in the bathroom can make this bathroom seem luxurious interior design as in a hotel. The bathroom also comes with a wooden cabinet under the sink, a large mirror and indoor plant decor as embellishment.



Indoor Plants Decoration

This rustic modern interior design is impeccable with indoor plants decoration in some corners of the luxurious home design. Besides the function of providing fresh air circulation in the house, indoor plants also act as a natural dust-trap agent for your home.


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